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230 new emojis: see what’s in store for 2019

Official list of new emojis announced

Unicode – the consortium responsible for regulating emojis worldwide – has approved this year’s batch of additions, and there are a full 230 to look forward to.

Just a few of this year’s additions

Over the last few years we’ve seen Unicode add a variety of skin tones, improve the representation of women, address gender inclusivity, and – perhaps most importantly – add support for people with ginger hair.

This year we’re due an even more inclusive set of graphics, with emoji representing people with various disabilities. We’ll also see a gender-neutral couple holding hands, and a wider range of skin color combinations for all hand-holding emojis.

Look at all these people holding hands!

Beyond that, Unicode is adding a yawning emoji, a pinching hand, and a range of new foods and animals sure to please fans of sloths and waffles. Which, surely, is everyone?

You can see the full rundown of all 230 additions over at Emojipedia. Remember that although the content is likely to be the same everywhere, major vendors like Apple, Google, and Microsoft tend to have their own interpretations of each emoji in their trademark style. So the final set coming iOS later this year may look slightly different.

We expect these new emoji to be available to all users alongside the launch of iOS 13 this September, though Apple could in theory add them much sooner.