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The future of Mac – report predicts a 42-inch OLED iMac

A new report from research firm Omdia suggests Apple will transition all devices to OLED over the next four years, culminating in a gigantic 42-inch iMac in 2027.

While the specifics should be taken with a pinch of salt – this is a forecast, not a leak – the report is based on industry trends that show the steady growth of OLED technology in consumer products.

It’s expected by many analysts that Apple will eventually phase out LCD screens in favor of the broadly superior OLED across the board. It has already used OLED for the iPhone display since iPhone X back in 2017, but most other product lines have lagged behind. Omdia’s prediction is that Apple will make the change in waves, with iPad Pro in 2024, followed by MacBook Pro and then iMac.

OLED displays are generally brighter and more power effective than alternatives, although there are question marks over their long-term durability. Moving entire product lines to a new technology is a big effort, both from a design and manufacturing point of view, so don’t expect everything to change at once.

The report also suggests there will be demand for larger displays over the coming years, with Apple considering the production of considerably bigger iMacs, such as the one we mocked up above. Currently, the largest iMac on the market has a 27-inch screen, but it’s very possible the next generation of iMacs could incorporate a 32-inch screen to match the size of the Pro Display XDR.

But according to Omdia, Apple is also preparing to release an incredible 42-inch version. Whether that comes true remains to be seen, but it would certainly make a statement.