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About AirPods Pro 2 – a major upgrade for premium AirPods

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It’s been expected for a while now, but Apple finally unveiled the second generation of its high-end AirPods Pro at its September 2022 event. This latest model comes with a bunch of new features for better acoustics, immersion, comfort, and convenience. If you missed the announcement, here’s everything you need to know.


Arguably the most important factor for earphones, Apple’s new H2 chip provides noise canceling that’s up to twice as effective as the previous model. It also promises improved bass and clearer sound across all frequencies.

The popular Transparency mode has been expanded to Adaptive Transparency, using the H2 chip’s power to reduce “loud environmental noise” while still allowing users to hear what’s going on around them.


Spatial Audio is an amazing technology, with the sound coming from all around you. With the latest AirPods Pro, you can now unlock Personalized Spatial Audio to take the experience even further.

By scanning the unique shape of your ears with an iPhone’s TrueDepth camera, Apple can make an audio profile that’s precisely tuned to how you perceive sound. Combined with dynamic head tracking, it promises to be an amazing experience.


None of this really matters if the buds don’t stay in your ears, so Apple has expanded the range of ear tips available with a new extra-small version for those who struggled to find a good fit with the previous generation.


AirPods Pro now comes with more nuanced touch controls on each bud, allowing users to swipe up or down on the stem to quickly change the volume.

Battery life is better than the previous generation, too, offering 6 hours of continuous listening (up from 4.5 hours), or up to 30 hours total if using the case to recharge on the go.

Oh, and the new charging case is compatible with Precision Finding on recent iPhones, making it much easier to find a missing pair.

There’s also a new AirPods section in Settings, for simplified setup and configuration.


The new AirPods Pro can be ordered online for $249/£249, and in stores from September 23.