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AirPods update – rare firmware update for most models

Apple has released a new firmware version for almost all AirPods models. Version 5E133 is a free update that brings bug fixes and performance improvements.

As yet, there are no official notes from Apple specifying exact changes, so it’s unclear if the update brings any additional features beyond general upkeep. Either way, it’s a smart idea to stay up to date to ensure your AirPods run as smoothly as possible.

The update is available for all AirPods aside from the very first model, which remains on an earlier 6.8.8 firmware release. Second-generation and beyond, plus all AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max, are included.

Not sure which firmware your AirPods are running? Simply head to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the i button next to your AirPods. Your current firmware will be listed at the bottom next to Version. Remember this latest version is called 5E133.

Unfortunately, unlike with the iPhone and iPad, it’s not possible to manually initiate a firmware update on your AirPods. But you can make sure they’re ready to receive it by keeping them in a plugged-in charging case close to a paired iPhone or iPad. That should kick things off.