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AirTags updated – Apple addresses privacy concerns

Apple has released a first firmware update for AirTags, it’s tiny tracking gadget that was released earlier this year.

Though AirTags have been reviewed well, various privacy concerns cropped up – including the fact that these devices are perfect for stalking or spying. Apple had safeguards in place from the start, but critics said they weren’t doing enough to stop bad actors using AirTags for ill.

Well, it seems Apple has listened. This latest update – installed automatically – beefs up the security protocols. One key safeguard is that the Find My app can automatically alert users if it detects an unknown AirTag traveling with you. But at launch, it wouldn’t trigger such an alert for three entire days.

Apple can’t make this window of time too short, or it risks triggering the alert any time you’re sat next to someone for a couple hours. But too long and the feature becomes pointless. But the latest firmware update shortens the time frame considerably. Now, AirTags will play an alert noise at a random time between 8 and 24 hours traveling with an unfamiliar iPhone.

However, as Find My is only available on iOS, that leaves Android users open to being tracked. As such, Apple says it’s developing an app for Android that can perform a similar function.

You can check the current firmware version of your AirTags from the Find My app. The latest release is version 1A276D, so if that shows under the details section for your AirTags, you’ve already got the update.

If not, you can “encourage” them to update by connecting to your iPhone, plugging it in, and leaving them nearby overnight.