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Amazon Echo sale: huge discounts on the smart speaker

Get the smart iOS-compatible Bluetooth speaker for nearly half price

The Amazon Echo is a great piece of kit; it’s a decent wireless speaker controlled by Alexa, Amazon’s Siri-esque digital assistant. And, at the time of writing, Amazon is offering a big discount as part of a limited time sale: $100 instead of $180 in the US, or £100 instead of £150 in the UK. That’s 44% and 33% off respectively, from a product that’s rarely discounted.

This is the cheapest we’ve ever seen the Echo outside of Amazon’s annual Prime Day sales. These prices won’t last long – they might even be gone by the time you read this! – but it’s definitely worth checking as the device syncs up very nicely well with an iPhone or iPad.

The Echo’s voice-control capabilities make it a great hub for any home gadgets like smart lights, automatic security systems, or programmable thermostats. Most of the products in our Smart Home 101 guide work very nicely with the Amazon Echo, and it’ll connect to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth if you’d rather play music or podcasts through Apple Music.

Of course, the timing of this sale isn’t a coincidence – Amazon clearly wants to get more people hooked on the Echo before Apple launches its rival HomePod speaker this Christmas. However, Apple’s upcoming device is set to launch at $349, meaning it will have to be significantly better to be a viable alternative to the Echo. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, if you’ve been curious about the Echo now’s a great chance to try it without breaking the bank.