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Amazon Prime Video is finally coming to the Apple TV

We’ve been reporting all week on the big news from Apple’s WWDC event, and while there have been a lot of stories to cover, the Apple TV has felt a little neglected thus far. In fact, Apple has only really made one announcement regarding the smart TV box – but it’s one which is sure to please a lot of people.

Due to a long-running feud between the companies, Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service has never before been compatible with the Apple TV. It’s a shame, because the service includes some great shows like Transparent and Catastrophe that aren’t available anywhere else. Well, it looks as though the two tech giants have finally put their differences aside for the benefit of the user, as an Amazon app will be released for tvOS later this year.

The app will also integrate with Apple’s TV app, which acts as a kind of all-encompassing TV guide for finding shows from all the major services at once. It will be good to finally see exclusive Amazon content appearing in the app.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly when Amazon’s app will be released, but we don’t think the company will want to drag this saga out too much longer. You never know, Amazon might even start selling Apple TVs again when the app is released! The party line has been that the device wouldn’t be stocked until it supported Amazon Prime Video, but as the Apple TV directly competes with Amazon’s own Fire TV Stick, it will be interesting to see whether it keeps that promise.

Either way, we’ll let you know as soon as the TV app drops.