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Angry Birds 2 released six years after original smash hit

The first full sequel to 2009’s breakout mobile game has finally landed on iOS and Android. After a myriad of spin-offs (Seasons, Space, Epic) and franchise tie-ins (Star Wars, Rio, Transformers), developer Rovio has gone back to basics with a beefed-up version of the original Angry Birds.

Although the gameplay has returned to its slingshot action origins, Angry Birds 2 includes new features like multi-stage levels, magic spells and boss fights. It also lets you choose which birds to fling and in what order, requiring an element of strategy to get that high score. Check out the official gameplay trailer below.

In an unusual move for an app developer, Rovio has also released a live-action trailer to promote the game. It shows the ‘evil’ pigs chilling on Piggy Island with their stolen eggs before everyone’s favorite furious feathered friends storm the party. Check it out below.

In the six years since its original launch Angry Birds has become a worldwide phenomenon, earning millions through app sales and merchandise. A movie is planned for next year, but for the time being its nice to see the gaming franchise back to its roots as, well, a game.

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