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App Store pricing – price decrease for UK, Euro, and SA

Apple announced earlier this month that its pricing structure for apps and in-app purchases would be changing in certain regions due to changes in tax and exchange rates.

That means prices will be decreasing in South Africa, the UK, and any country that uses the Euro.

App Store pricing in the UK has matched the US prices for around four years now, meaning $1 = £1. But with today’s exchange rates, that no longer makes much sense – so Apple has dropped the UK pricing down again.

That means UK apps that used to cost £0.99 are now £0.89. To give some more examples, £5.99 becomes £4.99, £9.99 becomes £8.99, and £49.99 becomes £44.49.

Note that alternate pricing tiers for legacy rates are available to some developers, meaning you might still see the odd £0.49 app crop up.

The price changes are similar for South Africa and anywhere with the Euro.

Auto-renewable subscriptions are not affected, so unfortunately for consumers, this doesn’t suddenly make your regular payments smaller. It’s purely app purchases and in-app purchases that are affected by the new price tiers.

Meanwhile, prices are now higher in Georgia and Tajikistan thanks to increased tax rates in those regions.

After a staggered rollout, we can confirm the new pricing is now in effect in all those territories.