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California woman unwittingly discards vintage Apple computer

A mystery woman has inadvertently given a super-rare vintage Apple I computer to an electronics recycling firm in California. The company want to reward her with a $100,000 check – but they don’t know who she is.

The recycling company, CleanBayArea, received several boxes of “junk” electronics from a woman who was clearing the house after her husband’s death. She didn’t think any of it was of much worth and declined to leave her contact details or take a tax receipt.

CleanBayArea Vice President Victor Gichun said that two weeks later, they discovered she had donated an extremely rare vintage Apple I desktop – one of only 200 ever made. Built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak way back in 1976, it was Apple’s first ever product – now a hugely coveted collectors item.

The company sold the computer at private auction for $200,000, and are looking to share the proceeds 50-50 with the mystery donator, as per their usual policy. If and when the woman returns to the store, Gichun says he would recognize her instantly and give her a $100,000 check.

Not a bad return for a house clear-out, all things considered – assuming she gets wind of the news and returns to the store, that is!


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