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Apple debuts two new video ads for iPhone 6s

In the hopes of convincing a few more people that they really need the latest iPhone for Christmas, Apple has launched two brand new TV ads, one focusing on the raw power of the iPhone 6s and the other on its hands-free Siri capabilities.

Ridiculously powerful

The first of the video ads aims to show off the huge jump in processing power from the previous iPhone generation. The voiceover announces that “not much has changed, except it’s ridiculously powerful,” going on to show how Apple’s A9 processing chip improves the speed of everyday tasks as well as “business stuff” and filmmaking. Iron Man director Jon Favreau has a brief cameo, surprised at the quality of a student film shot on the iPhone 6s. Check it out below.

Hey Siri

The second, shorter ad highlights the hands-free functionality of the iPhone 6s. Thanks to the new ‘always-on’ M9 coprocessor, the device can respond to a “Hey Siri” request without the need for a button press. Previously this function was only available while the iPhone was plugged into the mains. Actress Penelope Cruz has a guest appearance in this one, asking Siri for help with a crossword, while the rest of the video showcases how “you can do almost anything just with your voice.” We’ve embedded the ad below.