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Apple Events: all the products coming this Fall

You’re probably aware that Apple will be debuting this year’s new iPhones in just a few weeks at its annual September event. But quite a few other Apple products are due a refresh, and we don’t expect all of them to be crammed into this one presentation. That’s why we’re expecting a secondary event to take place sometime in October – but what are we likely to see at each one?

We broke down all the rumors, leaks, and analyst reports we could find to bring you a guide to Apple’s likely 2018 product announcements.

September event

There’s been no official date announcement yet, but all signs point to a September 12 event with pre-orders for the new devices opening two days later. Here’s what we expect to see.

2018 iPhones

This is the big one and the only nailed-on certainty of the event. Three new iPhones with the same design language introduced with last year’s iPhone X: a cheaper model with lower specs, and two premium models with all the bells and whistles. The naming conventions are anyone’s guess, but the media seems to have settled on iPhone 9, iPhone X2, and iPhone X2 Plus. Time will tell.

Apple Watch S4

The Apple Watch hasn’t had an update since last year, and as the world’s most popular wearable goes hand-in-hand with the iPhone we’d expect a new version to launch at the same time. Rumor has it this latest version will shave down the bezels to provide a larger display without increasing the overall size of the watch itself.


Apple first unveiled its smart wireless charger almost a full year ago, but production delays mean it still hasn’t seen the light of day. However, the product is finally almost ready and we’d expect it to make an appearance at the keynote.

AirPods v2

With great AirPower comes great AirResponsibility, right? And the responsible thing for Apple to do would be to release a second-generation set of its wireless earbuds with improved water resistance.

October Event

Apple tends to keep its iOS and macOS announcements separate, and the latest reports suggest we’ll get a couple of decent Mac reveals later in the year.

Budget MacBook

Sources expect Apple to revive the popular MacBook Air range, keeping the 13-inch display but bumping it up to Retina resolution. It’s likely to become Apple’s cheapest MacBook and will be aimed toward the student market.

Mac mini Pro

It’s been a whopping four years since Apple last updated the Mac mini. It’s Apple’s cheapest Mac by virtue of shipping without a keyboard, mouse, or screen, and its fans have been chomping at the bit waiting for a refresh. If the rumors are true and Apple hasn’t left this model to die, we’re expecting a BIG power upgrade.

iPad Pro 3

Though far from certain to be released this year, Apple is reportedly planning a new version of the iPad Pro with smaller bezels, Face ID, and – shock horror – no headphone jack. So, essentially a big iPhone X then.