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Apple exploring augmented reality smart glasses for use with iPhone

Remember Google Glass (pictured above,) the ill-fated smart glasses that spectacularly failed to ignite consumer interest when they launched in 2012? Well, despite that it looks as though Apple is keen to give a similar product a try in the next few years.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is experimenting with digital glasses with a view to expanding its product portfolio. A few insiders familiar with Apple’s plans have revealed that the secret project is still in an “exploration phase,” though components have been ordered from suppliers to create prototypes. The informants believe that the project will be unveiled no earlier than 2018 – if at all. Apple look into all kinds of ideas, of course, and they don’t all see the light of day.

The smart glasses would be paired with an iPhone, with a heads-up display integrated directly into the lenses. This display could show information to the user, overlaying digital text and imagery onto the real world. This could be as simple as showing the weather forecast in the corner of your view, or it could use augmented reality tech to add virtual things to the surrounding environment, like the Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Apple has already enjoyed success with the Apple Watch – quickly becoming the best-selling smartwatch brand after its launch in 2015 – and so has a proven track record with wearable tech. We think Apple, at the very least, would design a product that looks a lot nicer than Google’s early effort. Plus, CEO Tim Cook has been outspoken in his belief that augmented reality has a big part to play in our future, and perhaps he thinks glasses are the best way to get that tech to the masses.

Check out the full article for more about the glasses and their potential.