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Apple extend ‘Think different’ trademark to additional product lines

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Apple has updated its iconic ‘Think different’ trademark to cover it for use with other Apple products and services, including Apple Watch, iPad, Apple Pay and Siri.

The slogan was used to advertise Apple products for five years, starting with Steve Jobs’ triumphant return to the company in 1997 – a point many consider to be key in the upturn of Apple’s fortunes over the years. You can see the first TV ad to feature the slogan below, narrated by Jobs himself.

Though Apple hasn’t used the slogan in a while, updating the trademark will stop its competitors pinching the idea and using it to advertise rival products. Apple now covers eight International Classes with its trademark, meaning its use is also protected against product categories such as games, telecommunications and music.

It’s unlikely we’ll see a comeback of the ‘Think different’ slogan – Apple products are so ubiquitous these days, ‘Think the same’ might be more appropriate. But these old adverts are iconic in their own way and clearly a part of Apple history the company wants to protect.