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Apple Families: iOS tools for parents and kids

Apple has released a new mini-site dedicated to all the ways iOS can help families make the most of their iPhones and iPads.

Families¬†details a great many features that users may not be aware of, that could be a great help to those with kids. It covers topics like app restrictions, in-app purchase restrictions, location tracking, health tracking, shared calendars, shared apps, and more. Worth checking out if you ever hand your¬†device over to a kid, or if you haven’t yet fully explored features like Find My iPhone or Family Sharing.

It comes not long after pressure for Apple to improve its parental controls, to help prevent kids from over-using their devices. Apple’s response at the time was to promise improved family features in iOS 12 (to be announced in June) but it looks as though the company has decided to make clearer how much it already offers for parents.

For those worried Apple isn’t doing enough, this website is a stark reminder of how far ahead iOS is when compared to other platforms. Of course, it could always be doing more, and we look forward to seeing which new features will be added to the list when iOS 12 rolls around later this year.

Check out the entire website here if you want to know more.