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Apple look set to launch much more than just the iPhone 8 this Fall

Everyone and their dog knows that Apple is primed to release a new iPhone (or three) in September, but an interesting article over at AppAdvice explores the other products Apple is likely to launch this Fall.

In short, they’re suggesting that in addition to the new iPhones, we’re likely to see a third-generation Apple Watch announced at Apple’s big September event. It’s about time the world’s most popular smartwatch got an update.

Beyond that, it’s expected Apple will launch a fifth-generation Apple TV – likely with 4K capabilities – and updated AirPods before the end of the year.

Finally, we know for certain – thanks to the sneak peeks at WWDC – that the super-high-end iMac Pro and the brand new “HomePod” smart speaker are due for December.

So, lots of releases on the horizon for Apple this Fall. The main question now is which ones will be worth getting?