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Apple looking to upgrade to OLED displays next year

Apple is researching the possibility of upgrading the iPhone to use OLED – instead of regular LED – screens, and we could see them in use as soon as September 2017.

Late last year we heard rumors that Apple would be moving to OLED displays in 2018, most likely in time for the launch of what we assume will be called the iPhone 8. Now, a new report suggests Apple is in talks to upgrade the iPhone screen a year earlier than expected, which could mean we see OLED technology as an interim improvement in an iPhone 7s next year.

OLED displays offer “better power efficiency, contrast, and more saturated colors” when compared with LCD screens. Updating the display tech would provide a range of other benefits, including more efficient power consumption and a thinner – or even curved – display. This means the decision could potentially pave the way for a thinner, slicker iPhone with longer battery life. Competing smartphones have already made the switch to OLED, so it could be seen that Apple are lagging behind somewhat.

The report suggests Apple is speaking with both LG and Samsung – two companies already using the tech in their own devices – to discuss OLED manufacture. We’ve heard these kind of rumors before, but it does seem like the switch from LED screens is an inevitability. It’s a question of if, rather than when, Apple is ready to make the change – but it could be sooner than expected.