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Apple lowers its sales expectations for Apple Watch 2

The second-generation wearable device from Apple isn’t far away, but a report from DigiTimes claims Apple has lowered its sights somewhat and is not expecting Apple Watch 2 to sell any better than last year’s device.

Apple has chosen to stick exclusively with Quanta Computer for the mass manufacture of the device, having weighed up the possibility of switching production to Foxconn, a company used to dealing with much larger volumes – like the iPhone, for example.

Various rumors have the Apple Watch 2 as being unveiled as soon as March – though it seems unlikely that we will see any new devices on the shelves before the Summer. Most sources agree that Apple Watch 2 is not set to be a huge revision on the existing model – keeping the design and size but adding a new FaceTime camera, a better battery and more abilities when operating without a a connection to an iPhone.

If it’s only minor revisions on the way, those who already have first-gen Apple Watches may not be tempted to upgrade just yet, while those waiting for the smartwatch generation to “come of age” may keep waiting, in the hope that Apple Watch 3 will introduce more features. It’s quite possible these are amongst the reasons Apple has reduced its shipping forecasts since last year.

Despite not anticipating a huge jump in sales, the Apple Watch has had a pretty decent year, already accounting for over 50% of the smartwatch market by the end of 2015.

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