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The newly redesigned iPad Pro launched today, and with it a rather interesting article from longtime tech writer Jason Snell. He explains a lesser-considered aspect of design: how Apple has embraced magnetism in its products over the years, culminating in a whopping 102 magnets being included in the new iPad Pro.

We tend to think that magnets and gadgets don’t get on, but from the MagSafe MacBook charger of old to the magnet that holds the Apple Watch to its charger, Apple has been using them to improve the user experience for quite a while now.

The number of magnets in the new iPad Pro won’t make many spec sheets, and is rarely mentioned in comparisons to the older models. But if you plan to pick up any of Apple’s accessories, it’s actually an extremely useful addition.

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Keyboard Folio

You may have heard that the second-generation Apple Pencil has a flat side which snaps magnetically to the edge of the iPad Pro for storage and charging. Pretty handy! But equally useful is the array of magnets that allow Apple’s folio cases to snap perfectly onto the back of the device, which means no more fiddly alignment issues when attaching a case or using the fancy new keyboard folio.

The strength and distribution of the magnets are such that the case won’t be knocked off by accident, but can quickly and easily be removed with just a little force. It’s the kind of design detail that’s so good it tends to go unnoticed.

If you want to read about Apple’s magnetism in more detail, you can find Snell’s article in full over at Macworld.