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Apple Maps upgrade – new super-detailed maps added

You may be aware that Google Maps recently celebrated its 15th birthday with a big update, but did you know Apple Maps has been pretty busy of late too?

Apple famously lagged behind Google in the mapping game for some time, but a big push over the last year or so has really improved Apple Maps, making the distinction more of a matter of personal preference. Google still offers some great features like Offline Maps that Apple has yet to crack, but in key areas, Apple is making up ground.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the redesign of the maps themselves, released to users in the US just last week. Across the country, the maps are so much more detailed than they were before, with more “comprehensive views of roads, buildings, parks, airports, malls and more.” Check out the comparison below – the difference is night and day.

This increase in detail should make finding your bearings – or a new favorite brunch spot – even easier. These changes also improve the navigation side of things, which Apple says is faster and more accurate than ever.

The impressive Look Around feature added in iOS 13 is slowly expanding its range, too. The interactive hi-res street imagery is now available for New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and Oahu. Apple says many more cities are on their way.

Though the new and improved map currently only covers the US, a worldwide rollout is on the way, starting with Europe later this year. If you’ve been on Team Google Maps until this point, now might be a good opportunity to give Apple Maps another chance – though its data sources aren’t quite as comprehensive as Google’s, its dedication to privacy and anonymity when tracking travel gives Apple an edge that will be important to many users.