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Apple Music is finally compatible with Sonos systems

Apple Music has been around for the better part of a year, but until now those with Sonos HiFi systems weren’t able to use the service with their high-end wireless speakers. An update from Sonos adds support for the streaming service from today.

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System is a hugely popular way to play music throughout the whole house from a single device – its inability to work with Apple Music has been a sorely missed feature that customers have been waiting for. Sonos CEO John MacFarlane says the company’s partnership with Apple is “an excellent example of two companies that truly care about music coming together to deliver a great listening experience.”

Sonos has technically supported Apple Music since 15 December last year, but only as part of a beta program while the developers ironed out any bugs. Two months and hundreds of thousands of tests later and Sonos is happy enough with the service to make it available to the public. It’s possible this news will usher in a small new wave of Sonos-owning music fans who have avoided Apple Music thus far.

Apple Music is streamed through the Sonos Controller app. To use it, update to the newest version of app and select Add Music Services. There is now an Apple Music icon which can be tapped to log in and pair the two services.