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Apple Music now allows full Beats 1 replays

Apple Music has been subtly updated to allow listeners to playback Beats 1 radio shows in full.

Beats 1 is a live, global radio station and previously shows could only be caught in full at the original air time, or as part of a live re-run 12 hours later. Some DJ’s shows would be available to listen to afterwards as music-only playlists with all the chat removed. This meant if you missed a particular interview or segment, you were out of luck.

The new feature is hidden pretty deep within the Music app, and Apple has not announced the change anywhere. The full shows are available through the Connect tab of the particular DJ or artist who ran the show in question.


Follow a DJ on Connect to find their Replays

Unfortunately the shows are single, unbroken tracks with no metadata for individual songs. That means no ability to skip or love a song, add it to your library or even see what it’s called. Hopefully the replay feature will be improved in the future, but for those who constantly miss out on their favorite DJ’s shows, at least you can hear the commentary in full now.

It’s a small, but very welcome step towards making Connect and Beats 1 work better for the listener.

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