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Apple Music Replay – see your top music of the year

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Apple Music has launched a new and improved Replay feature, giving users a breakdown of their listening habits throughout the year via a series of slick infographics.

Users are able to see their most-listened songs, albums, and artists of the year along with some other interesting facts like the total number of bands listened to during the year, or the number of minutes with music playing. You’ll also see if you ranked in the top 100 listeners for any artist.

Clearly a response to the hugely popular Spotify Wrapped, with the data even presented in similar story-based highlights, it’s nevertheless a nice addition for Apple Music subscribers who may have felt like they were missing out on the trend in previous years.

Apple Music Replay can be accessed at, though frustrating it’s not available in the Music app itself on iPhone. It seems to be designed for viewing on a computer, and even there we found it to be a little buggy. Your mileage may vary!

After viewing your stats for the year, you’ll have access to a Replay 2022 playlist that rounds up your top songs. In my case, it was exclusively kids songs and nursery rhymes, reaffirming the need for Apple to add a kids listening profile to stop these things from seeping into your “real” listening stats.

If you’re a Spotify user, rest assured Wrapped is still coming this year – and in the meantime, you could try the viral trend Instafest, which uses your Spotify listening data to create a fake festival poster of all your favorite artists.