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Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns

Apple now accepting Android trade-ins

Apple has extended their Reuse and Recycling Program to selected rival handsets. This means customers will now be able to trade in their old Android, Blackberry or Windows phones for credit towards a new iPhone.

The program is initially rolling out in the US and certain parts of Europe, and signals the first time that Apple Stores will accept non-Apple devices for trade-in. The store credit can only be used towards the purchase of select phone models – specifically the iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus – but it’s understood that a cash payment via bank transfer is also possible.

Clearly Apple is gunning for some of their rival’s market share by catering to non-iPhone users. Making the switch easier on the wallet will surely entice more people to try the iPhones in person at the Apple Store.

It’s not all business though, as this is another step as part of Apple’s clear stance on responsible recycling. They will even do the right thing with a broken or worthless phone and dispose of it conscientiously, for free.

Apple is also considering ‘selected PCs’ for trade-in towards a new Mac computer, and are launching their recycling program in China – though only for iPhone trades to begin with.

How successful this scheme will be remains to be seen, but a more welcoming, Android-friendly Apple Store is certainly no bad thing.


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