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Apple patents password skip technology for the home

A new patent from Apple has described technology that could allow you to skip the passcode lock when you’re safe at home.

This abstract drawing details the patent application

This abstract drawing details the patent application

According to the patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you could set how much security you would like enabled on your device depending on your current location. If you’re at the office, you may want the passcode enabled at all times, while at home it could always be unlocked. Furthermore, you could enable just Touch ID for iTunes purchases, too.

Safe and sound

Your iPhone would use your GPS position, Wi-Fi network, or cell tower data to determine your whereabouts, however, it would need confirmation from at least two of these connections to ensure accuracy.

The latest patent is further evidence of Apple tweaking security features on its devices. Previous examples include Activation Lock, which has recently seen thefts of devices fall in major cities around the world.

The patent credits Alexander Reitter, David Amm, Julian Missig, and Raymond Walsh as inventors. It was filed back on December 31, 2012, (no Christmas break at Apple and the patent offices!) so this could make it’s way into software in the near future. It wasn’t announced at WWDC but HomeKit was. Quick control of household items will warrant quick access to your device without fiddling with clunky passcodes.