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Apple update iPod range for first time since 2012

For the first time in three years, Apple has refreshed its lineup of iPods. The iPod touch has been upgraded substantially – including the addition of an A8 chip and 8MP camera – and will come in a range of new colors alongside new versions of the Nano and the Shuffle.

It’s fair to say Apple has been busy with its other devices of late, leaving the iPod to gather dust. Even while the company enjoyed their most profitable business quarter ever, sales of the iPod have continued to decline. And the release of Apple Music relegated the poor old iPod from the navigation bar of Apple’s website – but the product that arguably made Apple what it is today isn’t dead just yet.


The new color options: gold, blue and pink

The updated iPod touch will feature an 8MP camera, a faster 64-bit processor and fitness-tracking capabilities. Unlike the Nano and Shuffle, which have barely changed from their 2012 iterations, the iPod touch fully runs iOS 8 just like an iPhone or iPad. This means compatibility with apps and games from the App Store, email and messaging, Siri, plus of course the Apple Music streaming service.

Aside from the new colors, there’s no real aesthetic difference to the iPods: this is a long-overdue update, not a redesign. Still, it’s a welcome refresh. The new iPods can be seen on the Apple Store and include a new 128GB storage bracket for the iPod touch.