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Apple set to grow iPhone screen sizes again in 2018, report suggests

By now we’re used to next-generation iPhone rumors surfacing while the dust has barely settled on an announcement, but while we’re still five weeks out from the release of the iPhone X, we’ve already heard what might be in store for 2018: bigger screens.

According to Korean website The Investor, Apple will release two new iPhone’s in 2018 with 5.85 and 6.46-inch screens. The report follows a previous article in August which said Apple would produce three phones, including a 5.28-inch model. While the original idea was that all models would contain OLED screens like the iPhone X, it’s now believed the larger device will be LCD after Apple has tapped Japan Display for new panels of this type.

It would mean that the iPhone X – or rather whatever its predecessor turns out to be – could be retained as a special edition model.

However, The Investor believes production has been stopped on the smaller model due to low marketability. It also notes that Samsung’s 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus has outsold the smaller 5.8-inch model indicating that consumers are more likely to purchase a larger smartphone.

Currently, Apple’s main iPhone line-up features the 4-inch iPhone SE, 4.7-inch iPhone 8, 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus and the 5.8-inch iPhone X. A display sized above 6-inches would make it Apple’s largest smartphone ever made and another incremental increase made ever more frequently under the stewardship of Tim Cook.