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Apple Store pranksters promote Microsoft

YouTube pranksters NelkFilmz have taken on Apple with their latest video. Pretending to be rogue Apple Store employees, they tell unsuspecting customers to ditch their iDevices in favor of Microsoft products.

Dressed the part in homemade blue Apple Store shirts, the mischievous gang tell customers that despite working for Apple, they don’t rate the products. “Honestly, I wouldn’t get an iPhone. You don’t want an Apple product.”

When caught they try to make a scene, ‘quitting’ publicly before issuing a rallying cry for everyone to join them at the Microsoft store. Mostly their fake-quitting antics fall on deaf ears but in one case there’s a small smattering of applause from some like-minded patrons.

The real Apple Store staff take the prank surprisingly well – check out the full video below.