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Apple is taking steps towards a Web-based TV service

There’s been a growing motion in the US to ‘cut the cord’ and move away from standard cable television to web-based subscription alternatives – it looks like Apple now wants a slice of that pie too.

Industry executives are saying that Apple are privately showing demos of a new TV system.

Apple has attempted to enter the TV business in the past, but this option means they won’t have to go through the cable companies. The only people it needs to get on board are the content providers – and, of course, potential subscribers. It would be a lot less money and less hassle considering someone could unsubscribe at any time, as opposed to the system currently in place for cable. Though naturally this wouldn’t be a full list of channels that current TV packages provide.

For Apple, it’s a great way to expand its existing hardware line, which includes the Apple TV box. They’ll also then be able to sell users content as well. The average download speed for US broadband customers has now reached a level that makes this business viable, as demonstrated by the success of Netflix over the past few years.

Source: re/code