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Apple team up with Vice for exclusive music documentary series

Apple has co-created a six-part music documentary called The Score, which is available only to Apple Music subscribers. Made in collaboration with VICE, the series examines a diverse range of music scenes from around the world.

Episode 1 of the show is already live, and looks at Minnesota’s Native American hip hop scene. Each episode is paired with a matching Apple Music playlist, so if you dig what you hear in the show you can use it as a starting point to expand your musical tastes. If you’re not a current Apple Music subscriber, you can watch the trailer for the first episode, Reservation Rap, on the VICE website.

Apple is also rumored to be dipping its toes into content creation, with an original show starring Dr Dre on the horizon. These could be the first tentative steps towards an Apple’s own TV streaming platform to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and even conventional cable. Could be a smart move, as exclusive Apple content would help to push other services and products such as Apple Music and Apple TV. Stay tuned.