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Is Apple testing multiple iPhone 7 prototypes?

According to a rumor from China, Apple is currently testing several iPhone 7 prototypes, each with unique hardware and features.

We heard recently that Apple may be ditching the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, but it seems more likely that a jack-less iPhone is just one prototype of many under consideration. G for Games reports there may be at least five distinct mock-ups, with some interesting features: a USB Type-C connector, as seen in the 12″ MacBook; a fingerprint scanner build into the entire display; an iPhone with wireless charging built-in; and a version with a dual camera setup. There’s also talk of testing an OLED display, although another recent rumor suggested this technology is more likely to surface in 2018 with the eventual iPhone 8.

It’s possible these are all features Apple would like to employ in future iterations of the smartphone, but this kind of testing phase should help it to decide the feasibility of each one, and which features would fit well into next year’s device. It will still be a while before we know for sure what the iPhone 7 will be like, but if these prototypes exist it gives a good indication of the kind of features to expect.