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Apple to increase iTunes Match limit to 100,000 songs

Users of iTunes Match and Apple Music’s own song-matching features will be pleased to hear that the song limit is set to increase fourfold, making it easier to access a large personal library of music on the go.

Way back in June, Apple’s Eddy Cue noted on Twitter that Apple was looking into increasing the 25,000 song limit imposed on users of the service. Since then, Apple has been strangely quiet on the topic – the limit didn’t change with iOS 9 as some were anticipating. When pressed by MacRumors, Cue said the plan was in action and a new limit of 100,000 songs should be in play by the end of the year.

iTunes Match is a popular subscription service that allows users to store copies of their music online, making it possible to stream or download your tracks from another device. This is useful for people with large music libraries or lots of albums that aren’t available elsewhere. iTunes Match costs $24.99 (£21.99) per year.

Apple Music includes a similar “scan-and-match” feature that allows users to stream songs from their personal library that aren’t directly licensed for streaming by Apple, and it looks as though the limit for Apple Music users will be upgraded in the exact same way.

One of the main downsides to these services has always been the 25,000 song limit. Looks like we should see the long-awaited improvement soon, which is sure to make those with large music collections very happy.