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Apple TV on YouTube – new channel features bonus promo content

Apple launches a ton of promotional videos to its YouTube channel, covering everything from the latest iPhone features to its environmental efforts, and as one of the biggest companies in the world, those videos tend to rack up a lot of views.

However, Apple’s latest YouTube venture – an Apple TV channel filled with behind-the-scenes clips and promotional footage of its own content as well as existing blockbusters – launched quietly around a month ago and has barely been noticed since.

Though the main Apple TV+ preview video debuted here and has been viewed around a million times, the vast majority of the clips here are struggling to hit 1,000 views, despite being posted a month ago. It feels like a treasure trove of undiscovered content!

Much of the content on this channel seems to be exclusive to YouTube, as it can’t be found on the TV app itself or within iTunes. It’s not just Apple stuff, either! You can see official teasers and trailers for upcoming movies including Joker, The Lion King, and Star Wars Episode IX. These will presumably be available via Apple’s TV app later this year. Additionally, there are clips and exclusive off-camera hijinks from Game of Thrones, Broad City, and more.

Check out the Apple TV YouTube page right here. For more about Apple’s upcoming TV streaming service, you can read our recap of the company’s recent services event, or our breakdown of the seven flagship original shows that were announced on stage last month.