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Check out the new Apple Watch demo online

An online demo has been released that demonstrates how the Apple Watch user interface will work. This is definitely something to check out if you want to be a first-gen buyer, but want to know a little more about how it’s used.

What you get, is a page of apps, and the Digital Crown. In this case, the crown is just a clickable button, and has no rotating functionality.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.23.12

You can even try out what an image of your choosing will look like as an app icon. Nice, eh?

Of course, clicking a screen is no substitute for handling the real thing. What it will show, is how everything will look from your wrist, including Glances and Push notifications. It’s very rudimentary, and doesn’t show any of the menu animations that will no doubt be in the finished product, so it’s more of a teaser than a full-on trailer.

The creators of this page are the developers behind Pipes, a feature-rich RSS reader for iOS. The Apple Watch could be big business for companies like these, to whom the immediate delivery of content to the user is everything.