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Apple Watch Pro: rumors of a bigger, better design

Apple loves splitting its products into regular and ‘Pro’ editions, offering premium models for those who want a little extra and have the money to afford it. There’s an iPhone Pro, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro… but so far, no Apple Watch Pro.

That could be set to change very soon.

The rumor mill is in full swing ahead of Apple’s big iPhone event next month, and while there’s plenty of news on the iPhone 14, many people expect an Apple Watch Pro to steal the show.

We’re sure to see an Apple Watch 8 announcement, if not at the iPhone launch then as part of a separate event the following month. But analysts and reports around the world are expecting a second version of the wearable to offer a larger display, stronger materials, and improved tracking metrics.

All that should add up to a product perfect for health and sports enthusiasts who might need those extra capabilities. It wouldn’t surprise us if a Pro model also featured a faster processor and bigger battery.

This very likely spells the end of the line for the Apple Watch Edition, the pricier model that offers the same design and capabilities in a slicker, more durable finish – currently titanium, previously ceramic. The original Apple Watch Edition, you may remember, even had a solid gold variant that sold for a whopping $10,000.

Estimates of the pricing for Apple Watch Pro aren’t quite that crazy, you can expect it to be significantly more than the regular models – the predictions we’ve seen vary from $499 to $999. We’re going to put our neck on the line and guess that Apple Watch Pro will be a direct replacement for Apple Watch Edition and slot in at the same price point, starting from $849.