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Apple working on “secret” plan to help combat diabetes

Apple has always been interested in the health sector, with CEO Tim Cook calling healthcare a “huge issue” in need of a serious shot in the arm. Though much of the company’s work in this field is public, a new report tells of a secret team at Apple working on “the holy grail for treating diabetes.”

According to the report, a group of biomedical engineers have been working in secret for upwards of five years on a technology that could make it easier for diabetes sufferers to track their blood sugar levels. The optical sensors are non-invasive and don’t require user intervention, a huge leap from the current practices for measuring blood sugar. Until now, no company has found a way to accurately track glucose without piercing the skin – if Apple’s secret team can crack that, it could be groundbreaking.

This kind of thing has been rumored for a while since Apple started quietly hiring medical experts, and it makes sense that if the research is successful the tech will find its way into a next-generation Apple Watch. That alone could be enough to make the wearable device a must-have for millions worldwide – but it’s also possible that Apple could integrate the tech into a brand new standalone device. Not everyone with diabetes can afford an Apple Watch, so a cheaper and more targeted wearable could be a smart move and ultimately help more people.

In a world where new technologies can often seem a little frightening, it’s nice to hear of a breakthrough that could genuinely benefit people around the world. Bringing health sensors into the mainstream is good for everyone, as even those who don’t need to monitor glucose levels could easily take part in medical research without having to do anything more taxing than wear a watch. Nice one Apple.

For more details check out the full report from CNBC, and for further reading why not see our feature on how Apple can change healthcare for the better.