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Apple’s new ad campaign attempts to lure Android users to iOS

Apple is promoting the ease of moving from Android to iOS with a new series of ads called “Why Switch.”

The five 15-second videos each focus on a different benefit of switching to an iPhone, including Apple’s dedication to music, the ease of transferring a photo library, the speed of Apple’s processors, and – perhaps most importantly – the improved privacy afforded by iOS over its competitors.

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You can view all five ads on YouTube, or watch our favorite clip below.

To accompany the new videos, Apple has updated its “switch” micro-site with a big batch of slick FAQ-style reasons to get an iPhone. If you know somebody who is considering the change to iPhone, it might be worth pointing them in the direction of the site – it does a really good job of addressing reasons why you might want to trade in your existing handset and move to Apple’s ecosystem.