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Apple’s new colors: three new iPhone cases and watch bands

Sick of the same old space gray and silver colors Apple keep trotting out year after year for its products? Well, you’re in luck!

Apple has just announced some brand new color options, available as iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands. So you can get a new look for your existing devices without splashing out too much.

The new colors represent a palette we’ve not really seen before from Apple, and have some pretty interesting names: introducing Spicy Orange, Dark Teal, Cosmos Blue, and Flash. All but Cosmos Blue are available as Apple Watch Bands, while all but Dark Teal are available as iPhone cases. We’re not sure why Apple isn’t just offering the lot for everything.

We’ve actually seem Spicy Orange once before in the Apple Watch straps Apple co-produced with Hermés. But these three colors are now available on regular sports bands, priced from $49/£49.

Meanwhile, the new colors are available on official silicone cases for the latest iPhones: 8, 8 Plus, and X. Priced from $35/£35 – $39/£39 depending on the size. Though aimed at the newer devices, the iPhone 8 cases should also fit last year’s iPhone 7 range.