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Swift Playgrounds: Apple making it easier than ever to learn to code

Apple hopes to make it easier to dive into the world of programming with a brand new iPad app entitled Swift Playgrounds, which CEO Tim Cook described as “a fun and powerful new way for kids to learn to code.”

The app will teach the basic principles of Apple’s open-source programming language, Swift, which has been used by developers worldwide to make over 100,000 apps since its launch in mid 2014. Using a series of friendly lessons and challenges, the app will not just teach the abstract fundamentals of coding but will actually use the Swift language itself. It looks as though most of the lessons are based around games, making it more accessible for coding newbies and children in particular.


Cook believes that code should be part of the standard school curriculum, and confirmed that Swift Playgrounds will be completely free with the intention of encouraging widespread adoption in schools. Swift is a relatively simple language, and this app should be a great starting point for kids and adults alike, with the promise of more advanced courses to come. The developer preview is available now, with the finished app set to launch publicly alongside iOS 10 this Fall.