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Apple TV ambitions have been known for a while now, with the company reportedly budgeting a cool billion dollars plus for original programming. We’ve heard tell of all kinds of shows on Apple’s horizon, from a new Oprah Winfrey project to a revival of Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories” anthology, but the company has kept remarkably quiet on timeframes.

Well, the New York Times seems to have uncovered part of the plan: “Apple has said it will start streaming its television offerings next year, when it will begin competing against Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in earnest.” So, we’ll see these shows launch some time in 2019 then.

Meanwhile, Netflix is busy trialing a system that forces users to subscribe via a bespoke webpage rather than through a conventional in-app subscription, to evade Apple’s 30% cut of App Store sales. With the two media giants looking to face off before long, it’s no surprise that Netflix wants more independence.

Apple will have its work cut out to compete with the original offerings at Netflix and Amazon Prime, with the former reportedly spending a whopping $8bn on new shows this year alone. Still, we’re looking forward to seeing what Apple comes up with – hopefully, its new ventures will make better watching than its lackluster Planet of the Apps series.

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