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Around the house – Apple lists top apps for home life

If you’re stuck in the house, the App Store can really help ease the pain.

Just yesterday we published our pick of ten apps to keep you occupied if you’re currently self-isolating or social distancing, and it looks as though Apple has followed suit with its own huge selection of app recommendations for working and staying at home.

Apple’s editors went in a different direction than we did, so there’s not much overlap. While we focused on creative apps and ways to pass the time, Apple has made a handful of suggestions for the following topics:

– Learn and study from home

– Keep in touch with loved ones

– Connect with your coworkers

– Browse breaking headlines

– Listen to the news

– Work out at home

– Your meditation station

– Soothing sounds to relax to

– Yoga for everyone

– Navigate your emotions

– Grocery shopping made easy

– Find your new go-to recipes

It’s a great, varied list and we’d recommend checking it out in full if you’re looking for inspiration.