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Ask An Expert – Apple Store return options

No time to drop into the Apple Store and ask the Genius Bar for help with your iPhone or iPad? Maybe one of our resident experts can help!

As Apple nerds, we get asked a lot of tech support questions – and some of those questions crop up time and time again. Here’s a recent query that we think will be familiar to many of you.

“I need to return an Apple purchase but the stores are closed!”

If you recently bought something from Apple that needs to be returned, don’t worry – you have options. You can return your order by post, or wait for the stores to reopen.

For the postal option, visit and tap the bag icon from the menu bar, followed by Orders.

Alternatively, you can go straight to online. You’ll need to sign in or enter your individual order number.

Here, you can initiate a return and print a return shipping label. Depending on your circumstances, you can then take the item to a drop-off point or schedule a pickup from your home.

If for any reason you’re unable to send the return by post, you can simply wait for the physical Apple Stores to reopen in your area. Apple has extended the returns policy so you’ll have a 14-day window to bring products back once the stores open up again.