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AutoFill options – changing saved passwords and card details

Safari saves all kinds of information to make life easier when browsing the web. Passwords, addresses, credit card numbers, all there at the tap of a button to save your fallible human brain having to memorize too much, and to save your typing fingers from too much work.

AutoFill is very handy! But what if the information needs updating? What if you want to access it manually outside of Safari? What if you want to cut down on the personal info saved to iCloud?

Luckily, you can view and amend all this data easily from the Settings app. Open it and scroll down to Safari. Tap that, and then find the AutoFill section.

Here, you can change the Contact Info used to fill out your name, email, address, and phone number.

You can also see all the credit card details stored for use in Safari – though you’ll need to prove your identity with Touch ID or Face ID to access that section. When you reach the list of credit cards, tap any one and press Edit. Here you can amend the details if they’re wrong, or even choose Delete Credit Card.

Finally, you can amend passwords in a similar way from Settings > Safari > Passwords. If you ever need to manually enter a password, you can simply copy it from here!