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How to automatically keep track of your parked car with the Maps app

Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody perpetually on hand to remember where you parked your car? Well, maybe you already do! In conjunction with the Maps app, Siri can automatically track the location of your car.

This works with Apple’s CarPlay system, but thankfully it also works with any car with a bluetooth stereo system. You’ll need an iPhone 6 or newer, too.

Once set up, your device will automatically track things for you with zero effort on your part. For information on how to get things configured and how the whole thing works, we’ll direct you to an excellent post on the topic over at iMore. Press here to read the full instructions.

If you don’t have CarPlay or a compatible bluetooth stereo, we’ve got you covered – there’s another trick you can use to track your car’s location, and we wrote all about it last year. Press here for more on that one.

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