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Bad vibes – Apple warns motorcycles can harm iPhones

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Ride a motorbike? We’ve got bad news.

According to a new support post published by Apple this week, exposure to the type of vibrations created by high-powered motorcycle engines can potentially damage the camera system on an iPhone.

Anything else that creates vibrations in a similar frequency range could be a problem, too, while low-powered vehicles like scooters and mopeds could have a less severe effect.

Specifically, those vibrations can interfere with the optical image stabilization and closed-loop autofocus functions of the camera. That means you may have a harder time getting sharp photos with the right elements in focus.

Vibrations are transmitted primarily through the chassis and handlebars, so avoid strapping your iPhone to those areas. If you must ride with your iPhone, Apple recommends investing in a vibration-dampening mount and trying to limit the length of journeys.