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Battery Replacements – Apple hikes its repair prices

Apple is set to increase the price of iPhone battery repairs in less than two months, so if you were considering getting a replacement, do it quickly.

Starting March 1, 2023, replacement batteries for all models prior to iPhone 14 will increase by $20. iPhone 14 and 14 Pro repair prices are increasing by $30, up from $69 to $99. That’s a far cry from the $29 battery replacements offered in 2018 in the wake of batterygate.

Price changes will come into play for iPad and Mac batteries too, with all models increasing by at least $30 and some by as much as $50. Similar changes will be reflected in some other regions, too. To find out how much a battery repair or replacement would cost for a specific device, use the estimator tool on Apple’s battery support page.

Though Apple would argue these price bumps are to combat inflation, they do seem a little excessive. A 43% increase for the latest iPhones is significant, especially coming shortly after Apple finally made its devices easier to fix with a Self Service Repair Program. One move in favor of consumers, one in favor of revenue growth.

Apple hasn’t yet said whether other repairs will change in price too, or whether it will adjust the cost of its home repair components. But it would certainly be smart to replace your iPhone battery soon if it’s on its last legs. All batteries lose effectiveness with age and use, and a new battery can often breathe new life into a flagging device.

To check whether your iPhone would benefit from a battery replacement, open the Settings app and head to Battery > Battery Health & Charging > Maximum Capacity. This will show how much charge your battery holds compared to when it was brand new. Apple recommends replacing batteries once they dip below 80% capacity, as this is when you’re likely to notice a difference in performance.