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Bent iPad Pros: Apple say it’s “not a defect”

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Apple’s latest iPad Pro – the all-screen redesign we rate very highly – is at the center of a minor controversy.

Various users have been reporting that the new tablet ships with a slight bend in the chassis. Apple has confirmed that its manufacturing processes sometimes mean that the metal can warp ever-so-slightly when it cools, resulting in a noticeable bend in the device.

[Above image from a user on the MacRumors forums]

However, the company doesn’t believe these bends are an issue. In a statement to The Verge, Apple says that models with the bend won’t perform differently in “any practical way” and that the bend won’t worsen over time. In fact, though it admits the problem exists, Apple doesn’t consider it to be a defect at all.

Do we have another #bendgate on our hands?

Probably not. This is a rare manufacturing issue present on day one, and though it’s not considered a fault, Apple provides a 14-day returns window for customers – meaning if you’re unlucky enough to receive a bent device it should be easy to swap for a new one.

However, it’s less clear whether Apple would switch units for customers after the 14-day window, considering it doesn’t see anything wrong with a slight bend. Who cares if your expensive iPad Pro doesn’t lie flat on the table, right Apple?

It’s unlikely you’ll experience this issue first hand, but if you do your best bet is to speak with Apple Support. Hopefully Apple’s Genius Bar staff will be more reasonable than its press team.