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Best Buy to sell Apple Watches from August

Apple is to expand the availability of its newest product by selling the Apple Watch at Best Buys across the U.S. from August 7th.

So far the Apple Watch has only been available from Apple’s own online or retail stores, or at selected high-end jewelry boutiques. Best Buy is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the U.S. and will help the smartwatch reach a much wider audience.

Best Buy will stock the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport, leaving the premium-tiered Apple Watch Edition (which starts at $10k) to high-end specialists. Around 100 stores will sell the watch from August, with another 200 or so to come in time for the holiday season. The retailer will also sell Apple Watches via its online store.

In addition to the smartwatches themselves, Best Buy will also sell a large variety of first and third-party accessories for the Apple Watch. A spokesperson for the retailer says it is “excited to bring the Apple Watch to more consumers, especially with the holidays coming up.”

Despite some mixed analysis, Apple look to be dominating the smartwatch marketplace already. Bringing the Apple Watch to a huge national retailer should increase the consumer awareness of the product substantially, especially with sections of the public not usually interested in keeping up with technology trends or new gadgets.