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Best-selling tech: iPhone most popular gadget of 2017

Not for the first time, the iPhone was the best-selling tech product of the year, beating out the competition by a landslide.

Apple released three new iPhones in 2017, and despite them all coming towards the end of the year, interest was enough to contribute towards a total 223 million iPhones sold across the entire year. Strong sales of the landmark iPhone X alongside the success of the less flashy iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have Apple its best sales figures since the introduction of the iPhone 6 in 2015.

USA Today filed the full report, with the statistics showing Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones in a distant second. In fairness, Samsung sells more total units than Apple across its entire smartphone portfolio, but its lineup is so fragmented into different budget brands that only the premium Galaxy models came close to competing with iPhone as a single product line.

Coming in third place is the Amazon Echo Dot, the cheapest way to get into the smart speaker and home automation game. Amazon say the Dot was its bestselling product over the Christmas period.

The fourth best-selling gadget of the year is another Apple Product: the Apple Watch. After a slow start when it first launched a couple of years back, Apple has made improvements to the device and it’s now the most popular wearable in the world with a ridiculously high satisfaction rate.

Finally, the top five is rounded off by the Nintendo Switch, a games console with a built-in screen that can be used with a TV or on the go. It features new games in the Mario and Zelda franchises which have been extremely well received this year.

The chart above shows estimated sales figures for the year’s top products. It’s crazy to think that the iPhone range not only beat out the competition, but it sold more units than the rest of the top five combined. That’s one popular device.