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Black Friday preview: great iPhone deals already surfacing

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As we’re all aware, Black Friday is right around the corner. The one day of the year when it’s somehow acceptable to fist-fight your fellow humans in a crowded Walmart for 10% off USB cables. Or you could play it smart, avoid the hustle and bustle of real world shopping and take advantage of a huge number of online deals from the comfort of your own home.

Though its a few days until the big event, online retailers are an impatient bunch and there are already bargains popping up all over the place. Now is the best time of the year to grab some accessories for your iPhone or iPad, or even snap up a discount MacBook Pro. So, in the spirit of early Christmas shopping, here are some of the best deals we’ve found so far…

(All prices accurate at time of publishing!)

BlueTooth Headphones ($99.99 $24.69)

Wireless headphones are the future, especially since Apple ditched the conventional headphone jack when designing the iPhone 7. If you don’t have a pair yet and want to enter the wireless world of audio without spending too much money, you could do a lot worse than these in-ear BlueTooth headphones from ZZSY.

iPhone 7 Case ($19.99 £11.79)

If you’ve got one of the latest iPhones and haven’t grabbed a protective case yet, now might be the time. This iPhone 7 case from Maxboost has a ton of great reviews and provides decent protection to your device without compromising on looks. Owners of the iPhone 7 Plus can grab a larger Maxboost case for just $10.99.

Portable Power Bank ($99.00 $17.59)

If you often find yourself running low on battery in the middle of the day, this external charger from Karakao could be the solution. Once charged, you can take it on a camping trip or leave it in the car for emergency charging. It has ports for both iPhones and Android devices so you can share the power with your non-Apple buddies, and provides enough battery life to recharge an iPhone 7 six whole times.

Virtual Reality Headset ($89.00 $11.99)

If you’ve read our beginner’s guide to virtual reality, you’ll know that there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with an iPhone and a compatible headset. Prices on VR viewers vary massively – but if you want a quality, comfortable headset it’s worth picking up this model from Fritesla before it shoots up in price again.

Everything else

If none of the above is quite right for you, check out Amazon’s full range of current deals. They’re changing all week, and we’ll be reporting on the very best discounts when Black Friday itself rolls around.

For our UK readers…

Though Black Friday is primarily an American thing, over the last few years it has managed to spread across the pond. If you’re reading from the UK, there’s no need to miss out – press here for the latest deals on phone accessories from Amazon.